Back To School Sept 2021

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back in school! We have missed you! We also welcome all new-starters, we hope you settle in well, we are always here to help you all!

Here are just a few reminders of key information in school:

Start/Finish Time 8:45am-9am 9am-9:15am 2:45pm-3pm 3pm-3:15pm
Surname A-L M-Z A-L M-Z

Please try and stick to these times, as it is an important part of our approach to ensuring we maintain social distancing on the school premises. Please make sure the children are collected on time, as it is important the classrooms are ready to be cleaned.

The Pick Up and Drop Off points for each class are as follows:

Year 5 and 6: Door near to the hall and the office

Year 3 and 4: Main playground door

Year 1 and 2: Classroom playground door

EYFS: EYFS playground door

2 Year Olds: drop off- off the main playground through onto the EYFS playground. Pick up: between 11:30-11:45 for 2 year olds and Pre School, access the EYFS playground from the children’s centre side.


What to bring

We ask that children bring as little as possible in to school and it is essential items only. Children should only need:

  • A book bag
  • Water bottle (these need to be named and taken home to be washed daily)
  • Book
  • Snack and a lunch box if they are on packed lunches
  • Please do not allow children to bring in any toys or equipment from home.
  • Please ensure that children have warm clothes and a coat as we are still following guidelines carefully to keep everyone safe and windows will be open in order to ensure adequate ventilation.



All classes will remain in their classrooms to eat lunch and then go outside, in their separate playground areas, to play. Shell’s Cuisine will provide a Grab Bag lunch, that will be delivered to each classroom by the dedicated Mid-Day Assistant assigned to the bubble. These will be healthy meals, including a wrap, a piece of fruit or vegetables and a drink. A menu is available on the website. Children in KS1 are eligible for universal free school meals, and will receive a Grab Bag lunch, unless we are informed otherwise. The cost of a meal from Shell’s Cuisine will be £2.30 per meal (£11.50 per week) from September 2020. 

It is possible to make a claim for Income Related Free School Meals at any time of the year – the link for the application is here:


We are asking that all children bring their own snack. Snack will not be sold in school until further notice due to our Covid 19 procedures. Please ensure your child’s snack is healthy. Ideas could be: fruit, bread sticks, milk roll, bagel, etc. Children should not be bringing in high sugar snacks such as chocolate or items such as crisps.


Children will need to return to school wearing their school uniform. We do understand that school has been closed since January and a few children will have had a growth spurt and may be in need of new items of uniform. We do ask that you send them in as much of our correct uniform as you can and when shops reopen you replenish their uniforms accordingly.

Social Distancing and Masks

All adults entering the school premises must wear a face mask and maintain a social distance at all times. We thank you for your continued cooperation and support with regards to this, in keeping yourselves and others safe by following these rules.


Files to Download

Contact the school

Sandbach Primary Academy

Crewe Rd


Cheshire, CW11 4NS

Tel: 01270 685222