The aim of the handwriting curriculum at Sandbach Primary Academy is for children to develop fluent, legible and eventually, speedy handwriting. By the end of Key Stage 2 they should be able to write their ideas confidently in all writing across the curriculum. We ensure that a staff have a consistent approach to the teaching of handwriting. In order to achieve this we follow a structured whole-school scheme that runs from Reception, through to Year 6.  Handwriting sessions across the school are delivered using the process: introduce the focus, try it, practise it, apply it. These sessions are planned to align with the objectives for the Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum. It is the aim of the curriculum that the children complete Stage 1 by the first term of Year 1, Stage 2 by then end of Year 2, Stage 3 by the end of Year 4 and Stage 4 by the end of Year 6.  By the end of Key Stage 2, handwriting should have improved to the point that it becomes automatic and doesn’t require conscious effort.


Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Engage a range of capabilities simultaneously, including physical strength; visual perception; and both gross- and fine-motor skills.
  • Draw on existing knowledge as the children grasp the features of handwriting.
  • Build up the necessary muscle strength so that handwriting stays comfortable and efficient, even when writing for long periods.
  • Develop writers with a personal style that is fluent, legible and fast as well as being comfortable.
  • Develop the NHA’s ‘S factors’ in the order of developmental demand: Shape; Space; Size; Sitting on the line; Stringing together; Slant, Speed and Style.
  • Encourage the uses of the NHA’s ‘P checks’ as a regular feature of handwriting sessions. The four key areas to focus on are: Posture, Pencil grip, Paper position and Pressure.
  • Support children with individual difficulties by facilitating any necessary adaptations to writing tools or classroom furniture.

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