The aims of the Phonics curriculum at Sandbach Primary are to create inquisitive and enthusiastic learners who have the ability to read, identify and use a range of phonemes to support their early reading and writing. We want children to be confident when reading and spelling through a structured systematic phonics programme. Phonic sessions across KS1 are delivered using the process: review, teach, practice and apply. These sessions are planned to align with the Primary National Strategy of Letters and Sounds. It is the aim of the curriculum that the children complete Phases 2, 3 and 4 in EYFS and Phase 5 in Year 1 before moving onto learning strategies for spelling and following the whole school Rising Stars spelling curriculum. We want children to use the skills of decoding and blending to support them reading both real and alien(made-up) words and use these strategies independently and confidently. The aim is to improve fluency and accuracy with pupils decoding to the point that it becomes automatic and doesn’t require conscious effort.



Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Create confident and competent readers with knowledge of strategies to support decoding and blending.
  • Encourage children to use key vocabulary such as phoneme, grapheme and diagraph when learning, sorting and reading new words.
  • To use a range of techniques such as Jolly Phonics actions, Robot Arms, Sound Frames and Sound Buttons independently to support their early reading.
  • Develop a large bank of sight words which they recognise without decoding or blending to aid the fluency of their reading.
  • To be experienced in the process of dialogic talk around reading and to be able to discuss patterns, connections and commonalities in words with their peers and other adults in the room.

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