Year 5 and 6 2022 - 2023

Mrs Gallagher

Mrs Caldwell

Principal of Sandbach Primary Academy

Welcome to Year 5 and 6


Welcome to Years 5 and 6! We had a superb Spring term and were very impressed by how hard all of the children worked and their fantastic attitudes.  We cannot wait to see what amazing things can be achieved this term.


Staff in Years 5 and 6:

Mrs Caldwell – Class Teacher and Principal (Monday and Tuesday)

Mrs Gallagher – Class Teacher (Wednesday to Friday)


General information to know about Years 5 and 6:

- Please ensure that items of clothing are clearly named. This will ensure that if anything goes missing, it can be quickly reunited with its owner.

- PE will be every Wednesday and Friday so please ensure children come to school in their ’Fit Friday’ PE kits on this days.

- Please ensure that your children are reading at home, either independently or with an adult, to help develop their reading skills and nurture their love of reading.

- Homework will be sent out on Friday and is due back the following Wednesday.

- Children need to bring their own water bottles into school which they can access throughout the day and they will change their water regularly. Please do not allow other drinks such as juice, fizzy drinks etc. If children bring juices, smoothies etc. they should be kept only for lunch.

- Snack will be served in the hall at break times and is 20p per day. Children will be responsible for this money and are advised to bring it to school in a clearly labelled purse or wallet.


Year 5 and 6 curriculum

Details about what we will be learning about this term are included in our curriculum overview below.


This term we will be completing work inspired by the book Holes by Louis Sachar. We will do lots of reading sessions around the story, discussing the very interesting characters and summarising the main events. This reading will then lead into our writing lessons where we will do some work on diary entries, letters and some of our own story telling. As this is our final term of writing, it is a good chance for the children to show off everything they have learned this year! 


This term we will be focusing on shape. This will include looking at, identifying and measuring a range of angles. The children will also learn how to draw angles using a protractor. The children will also review reflection and translation. 


This term, the children will research changes in crime and punishment from the Anglo-Saxons to the present. The children will look at crime and punishment as snapshots through the main periods in history, drawing comparisons and similarities to modern day. The will look at examples of crime and punishment from the times of the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, Medieval and Tudor, Early Modern period and Victorians. They will also look at what kind of crimes are common today and how they are punished. 


Our topic for the summer term will be ‘hobbies'. We will focus on speaking and writing in full sentences, improving the children’s confidence and fluency. 


This term we will be learning about North America.  The children will be learning about environmental regions, key human and physical characteristics, countries and major cities.  They will be applying their learning of climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts to this area and they will investigate economic activity.


The work for this term will focus on printing, looking particularly at the designer William Morris. The children will take inspiration from the natural environment outdoors to review their sketching skills before using the ideas to create a pattern for printing. Using polystyrene blocks, the children will create their own natural designs. 


Christianity is our religion of focus this half term.  We will be learning all about key events of Holy Week, Lent and what it means to Christians, Easter and the crucifixition. We will also be learning about the meaning of 'free will', 'determinism' and 'atonement'.


This term we will be focusing our learning on the use of spreadsheets, communication and networks and blogging.  Throughout our learning we will continue our e-safety learning with a focus on internet and email use.


In science we will be exploring living things and their habitats.  We will be learning all about life cycles, reproduction and classification.


Our focus this term is Living in the Wider World.  We will be looking at ways to protect the environment and showing compassion towards others.  We will also be learning about our role and impact Identifying job interests and aspirations, what influences career choices and workplace stereotypes.


There will be lots of exciting learning going on in Years 5 and 6 this term. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all our exciting adventures!


Mrs Gallagher and Mrs Caldwell

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