Year 5/6 swimming

Start: 12th Jun 2023 12:00am

Year 5 and 6 will swim each Monday this term starting Monday 5th June.  


The school covers the full cost of children’s swimming lessons which are led by qualified swimming instructors at Sandbach Leisure Centre.  Swimming is part of the National Curriculum and all children are expected to take part each week.  If a child needs to miss a lesson for exceptional circumstances then a full explanation must be sent to school in writing.  If a child is fit to attend school then we would generally expect them to be fit enough to swim.   If your child is unable to swim for any reason they will remain at school and undertake alternative learning. 


There are a number of points you should note so that your child complies with all health and safety requirements for swimming that apply to all Cheshire East schools.


What to Wear

  • Your child needs their own swimming kit which should consist of a towel and swimming costume/trunks. It should be brought to school in an easy to carry waterproof bag.
  • Children must wear suitable swimwear. For girls this must be a one-piece swimming costume.  Boys must wear close fitting trunks or shorts (short legged).  No swimwear that is baggy is permitted.
  • No jewellery can be worn. All earrings must be removed.
  • Swimming hats must be worn, these will be provided.


  • Children must not swim if they have an infectious disease, open wound, cold related infection, eye or ear infection or have suffered from a stomach upset or diarrhoea within the last 24 hours.
  • Children with a serious medical problem must have the written permission of parents before they can be allowed to participate in school swimming. Children with grommets need written permission from their doctor to the school prior to taking part in lessons.


  • Goggles are only permitted in exceptional circumstances when chemicals in the water are known to adversely affect your child’s eyes. Part of the learning to swim experience is for your child to deal with splashing in the face and to open their eyes while immersed in water.  This is an important part in improving their ability to cope in a water related incident near rivers or canals or at the beach.  There are also reports of people suffering eye injuries caused by goggles. 
  • If it is necessary for your child to wear goggles to participate in swimming you will need to complete a form which is available in school at the office.
  • Only goggles that meet British Standards can be worn.



If you have any queries or concerns in relation to swimming lessons please do not hesitate to contact the school or to speak with your child’s class teacher.

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