Our history curriculum aims to inspire a curiosity that makes each child inquisitive about the past, helping them develop a growing knowledge of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We want them to leave Sandbach Primary Academy with a strong historical knowledge and know why their town is shaped the way it is. Through working as historians, we also aim for our pupils to develop a keen interest in the past, beginning to appreciate how the past has a bearing on the present. We support our children in developing the ability to think critically when examining evidence and to develop their own opinions, which they can then back up with their prior historical knowledge and developing historical skills. The structure of our curriculum aims to equip pupils with the relative knowledge and skills outlined in the National Curriculum via an integrative and holistic approach. The lessons are taught through creative and stimulating sessions which provide opportunities to bridge back and activate prior learning from previous lessons and previous years to ensure their knowledge is secure, deepened and retained.


Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Encourage our pupils to work as historians, through exposure to a variety of sources – including visits and fieldwork - developing their ability to ask perceptive questions, critically interpret and question the past
  • To support our children’s developing sense of chronology of events in Britain and the wider world. As children move through school, they begin to recognise that different things were happening in different places in the world at the same time. Every unit of work includes a focus on chronology, to help children understand where the period of history they are studying fits within their knowledge to date of the past/ chronology, always linking to prior learning.
  • To use an enquiry-based approach through which children are taught key history knowledge in a variety of ways. First hand sources, or where not possible replicas or pictures are used in all units of work to support the children in being historians, developing the skills to find out about the past.
  • To enable children to learn and explicitly use key historical vocabulary which is planned and developed explicitly with regular opportunities to be revised and reactivated.

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