Physical Education

Physical Education


From Reception to Year 6, we aim to deliver high quality Physical Education (P.E) learning opportunities which promote children’s enjoyment and lifelong love of physical activity. We prioritise developing pupils’ fundamental movement skills from the beginning of their time at Sandbach Primary Academy, as well as ensuring that they have a healthy, active lifestyle which is supported by maintaining and improving their fitness levels. We believe that physical activity is integral for children’s emotional and mental wellbeing so we ensure children have regular physical activity through two P.E sessions each week, offering a wide range of extra-curricular sporting activities and incorporating opportunities for exercise into the school day.


Our aim within PE is that all pupils are provided the opportunity to engage in a healthy lifestyle by providing regular competitive sport, extra-curricular activities and a rich and motivating curriculum that challenges, engages and motivates pupils. Through competition we aim to reinforce the important values of sportsmanship, respect, equality and fairness which then in turn also develops team work, community, communication and leadership skills. We strive for all pupils to leave Sandbach Primary Academy physically literate and have the knowledge, skills and motivation needed to prepare them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.


PE lessons are taught twice weekly throughout KS1 and KS2. In EYFS PE is taught weekly through a PE lesson and teachers plan for physical development opportunities from the development matters.  Our curriculum is designed to be progressive and cohesive, ensuring that children continuously build upon their prior knowledge and bridge back to what they already know to help them to know more and remember more. The lessons at Sandbach Primary Academy are taught through practical sessions which provide opportunities to bridge back and activate prior learning on all areas of physical education e.g. Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Striking and Fielding, Net and Wall, Invasion Games and swimming.


As a result of our varied and engagement P.E curriculum, children at Sandbach Primary Academy are enthusiastic about physical activity. Pupil participation and motivation in lessons is high; children are keen to develop their fundamental movement skills and fitness levels and they enjoy applying their skills to the wide range of sporting activities we offer. The uptake for extra-curricular sessions is continually rising high and this leads to many children competing at interschool events. We enter teams for the majority of sporting competitions in the Sandbach and Haslington Cluster. The approach to assessment in PE is less formal than in core subject disciplines. There is ongoing teacher assessment to ensure that the children are keeping up with the pace of the curriculum and achieving our goals. We assess at the end of the each term where each child will create a knowledge organiser with the skills and vocabulary they have learnt during the sport area taught. There is no published data for PE in KS1 and KS2. The school tracks foundation subjects very broadly to ensure that pupils are working within the curriculum expectations for their year group.

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