Meet our Learning Powers!

At Sandbach Primary Academy Nursery, we use our learning powers to guide our learning, build our resilience and help us to make decisions. 

Working co-operatively - Mr and Mrs Potato Head always work co-operatively. They work together on the same goal and together they achieve more! They also help us to remember our classroom rules for learning:

mr and mrs.pngrules.png


Don't Give Up, Wheezy! - Wheezy reminds us every day that sometimes things can be tricky, especially when we try them for the first time but if we keep on trying and 'don't give up' they get easier every time! 



Enjoy Learning - Jessie and Woody are the best of friends, especially when they learn together with Bullseye! They both enjoy learning different things at home and school. Jessie loves to dance, count, build, sing and so much more. Woody enjoys drawing (especially with Etch), solving problems, creating inventions and building models. Learning is so much fun!


Keep Improving - Slinky helps us to remember that we are all awesome! Every day we come to school, we focus on how we can keep on improving. When we learn to jump, we can learn how to jump higher. When we learn how to find our name, then we can make our name and even write our own name. We can always improve and feel proud of our learning!


Be Curious - Buzz is always curious! How does it fly? Where does it come from? How can I make it bigger? When will it hatch? Being curious makes learning exciting!


etch.gifImaginative Etch - Etch helps all the Learning Powers to be imaginative. Sometimes when we make a plan, it doesn't always work. Etch helps us to change our plans. Sometimes we need to go back to the start but sometimes we just need to make little changes to solve the problem or find the answers!


Concentrating Bo Bo Peep always reminds us to concentrate. This means that we focus our attention on one goal or activity at a time. When Bo Peep looks after her sheep, she needs to concentrate on where the sheep are at all times. When we concentrate on our learning, we make it the best that we can! 


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