At Sandbach Primary Academy we believe that all our children can become fluent readers and writers. This is why we teach reading through Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised, which is a systematic and synthetic phonics programme. We start teaching phonics in nursery and ensure children build on their growing knowledge of the alphabetic code, mastering phonics to read and spell as they move through school.

In nursery at Sandbach Primary Academy, we model the application of the alphabetic code through phonics in fun and engaging games, songs and rhymes, both inside and outside of the phonics lesson and across the curriculum.

Reading at home

Your child will come home with a school library book to share together, sharing a book with a child is fun; it’s a time for closeness, laughing and talking. As your child will not be able to read this book themselves, you can read the story to them while sharing the pictures and talking about what might happen next. Try to spend 10 minutes a day sharing a book with your child. This will help them learn new words, develop social and emotional skills, as well as begin to understand how we use books.

They choose books from our classroom library. Books are chosen once per week, on a Monday or on the first day in the week that they attend nursery. We hope you enjoy this special time together.


Top tips for reading together:

· Find somewhere quiet and comfortable, away from noise, TV and phones.

· Cuddle up together and get brothers and sisters to join in enjoying stories and rhymes together.

· Don’t be afraid to bring the story to life by adding animal noises, sound effects and using different voices for the characters.

· Take time to talk about the pictures and ask questions e.g. ‘What can you see on this page?’ ‘I wonder what’s happening here?’ ‘What might happen next?’

· Encourage your child to join in with repeated sentences and favourite rhymes. After you have shared the story a few times, they could tell you the story or act it out with some toys.


We hope you enjoy sharing the books together and would love to hear about your favourites.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Blackman, Mrs. Rouse and Ms Vernon

The Book Trust website has lots of tips, ideas and games for you to enjoy as well as some online story books -

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