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Week beginning 10th June
This week the children have continued to read The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. Their writing focus has been on using both subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. This has helped them to include extra details and make their sentences more interesting for the audience. We have also mapped out the story and done lots of drama, such as freeze frames. This was very fun! In our whole class reading, we have explored the fictional story ‘Leaf’ which is about a lonely polar bear who needs some help. To broaden our subject knowledge on this, the children used non-fiction texts to learn some interesting facts about polar bears.
In Maths, Year 1 have continued to learn about coins and build their confidence in skip counting. Continuing with the unit on measurement, Year 2 have explored how to measure and compare both weight (in grams and kilograms) and temperature (in °C).
In Geography, we played a dressing up game to show how the weather changes between the seasons and what clothing is the most appropriate for each. We then looked at a range of maps and found the equator. The children were able to understand that countries next to this invisible line are usually hotter. They used these maps to help explain why the weather in the UK is not as warm as other countries. In PSHE, the class recognised their strengths and next step goals. They thought about what they would like to be better at and how they can improve through practice and patience. In PE, the children practiced team games and athletics, ready for sports day. The children have also continued thinking about My Happy Mind with a particular focus this week on how to be an active listener.
Our Year 1s also deserve a huge well done for working so incredibly hard this week on their phonics! They were all so motivated and did great. Well done! 😊
Week beginning 3rd June
The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch | The Met
Year 1 and 2 have worked so hard this week!
In English, we have started a new book called The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. The children made some excellent predictions as to what Mr and Mrs Grinling’s problem might be in this text. They then used their inference skills to think about what the cheeky seagulls and grumpy Mr Grinling might say within different illustrations. The children then used their storyteller voices to share these ideas in a way that expressed the characters’ emotions. In Phonics, Year 1 have looked at the sounds ew (blew), ou (cloud), o-e (home) and i-e (ripe). In spellings, Year 2 have looked at taking away the -y at the end of words and adding -ies (fly to flies).
In Maths, Year 1 have continued to look at money, focusing on comparing sets and counting in 5s. Year 2 have started a new unit looking at how to compare and measure lengths and heights. The children used rulers and metre sticks to measure in centimetres and metres, choosing which unit is the most appropriate unit in each real-life scenario.
In PSHE, our new topic is about recognising our achievements. This was a lovely lesson to start our week in a positive way, celebrating how we are all different and have different strengths. In Geography this week, Year 1 and 2 have looked at seasons and weather patterns. We talked about how the weather changes each season, including how it is usually sunny in summer… a conversation we had whilst it was heavy raining outside! In Science, we are continuing to develop our knowledge about plants, building on from last term. The class explored how different parts of plants can be eaten, including parts both above and below the ground. In RE, we read the story Jesus Calms the Storm from the Bible which Christians believe shows Jesus’ bravery, strength and kindness. What a great start to our Summer 2 term!






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