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Autumn Term Class Updates:

Week beginning 18th September 2023

What a super week! The children have been practicing reading aloud our class story (Little Red Riding Hood) with actions, in their story teller voices. When writing, we have been focusing particularly on the importance of full stops. We have also been reading A Wolf’s Story which re-tells the Little Red Riding Hood story from the wolf’s perspective. The children discussed whether or not they thought the wolf was being truthful or sneaky.

During maths, we have been using number grids and number lines to notice patterns within numbers to 100. The children were looking closely at which digits change and which stay the same, to work out missing numbers and sequences. Here is a link to a Helicopter Rescue game that the children enjoyed to support them in identifying numbers to 100.

In the afternoons, the children have been learning more about animals, getting active in PE games, learning new songs and experimenting with tearing and cutting a range of papers and cards, ready for their art collage at the end of this half term. In computing, the children did a brilliant job at spotting different types of Information Technology (IT) which we use all around the world, both inside and outside. I wonder what examples of IT they will spot this next week, perhaps at school or at home.


Week beginning 11th September 2023

Years 1 & 2 have continued to work really hard this week. 

Within our writing, the children have been working hard to use capital letters and full stops. They have been super editors at spotting mistakes in example sentences and thinking about what each character might say. Having now read the whole of Little Red Riding Hood, we have been able to compare it with the story Little Red. We were so surprised by the different ending! 

In Maths, Year 1 have been counting up to 30 using number tracks and hundreds grids. Year 2 have been using repeated addition to prove multiples of 10 (For example 10+10+10=30). 

In Science, we have looked at lots of animals, thinking about how we can describe their different features. We loved reading I See The Sea (by Julia Groves) to support this learning, within our school library. We then learnt about how information technologies can be used for playing, talking or helping us with a job in Computing. The children have also enjoyed trying out different musical instruments during Music and comparing different types of houses in History. It has been a busy week with lots of Dojos… well done Years 1 and 2! 

I see the sea cover book.jpg


Week begining 4th September 2023

Welcome back Years 1 and 2! It has been so lovely to see everyone again and hear all about your fun summer adventures. 


The children have had a fantastic first week back and have got stuck in with every activity. This week, we have been reading Little Red Riding Hood in English. They have come up with their own story actions and practiced using their storyteller voices. In maths, we have all been practicing our careful counting using tens frames and Year 2 have been thinking about how ‘ten 1s makes one 10’.

Little red riding hood girl.jpg

In the afternoons, we have been looking at different types of animals, learning new songs and thinking about why computers are helpful. In Art, the children have shared their opinions of Brianne McCarthy’s collages and we have enjoyed some PE games. Our PE days this term will be on Monday and Friday. 

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