This week in the classroom

Wednesday 26th September

Hooray! The sun has still been shining as welcome in autumn! We have noticed that the leaves have started falling from the trees, how it is now dark when we go to sleep and we have even spotted squirrels on our journeys to school. 

We have continued our Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised Programme. This week, we have learnt the phonemes i, n, m and d. We have learnt how we say the phoneme (sound) using the pronunciation phrase and how we form the grapheme (write the letter) using the formation phrase.


Just look at how amazing the children are with their letter formation and mark making! Well done Reception! You are all AWESOME!



We have had two superstars demonstrating our Sandbach Primary Academy Learning Powers by 'Enjoying Learning' and 'Don't Give Up, Wheezy'. 


To help us to understand how to look after our minds to be our very best, we have started our My Happy Mind programme. Did you know that your brain and your mind are different! We have learnt that ours brain is an organ and that it has many functions and that it controls most of what we do, what an amazing thing it is! Each time we repeat an activity the neural pathway or connection is made stronger and it gets easier for us to complete the activity.

Wednesday 20th September

What a busy week! This week, the children have continued to share 'Who lives in our houses?' using all our language of families and pets. We talked about mummies (mum and mother), daddies (dad and father), sisters, brothers, grandmas, grandads, aunties, uncles and even great-grandparents!


Outside, we have worked hard to solve problems and be imaginative, just like Etch, our Learning Power buddy! It has been wonderful to watch the children develop new friendships and work co-operatively just like Mr and Mrs Potato Head, our Learning Power buddy!


We also began our Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised Programme. Starting with the phonemes s, a, t and p. We have learnt how we say the phoneme (sound) using the pronunciation phrase and how we form the grapheme (write the letter) using the formation phrase.



Wednesday 13th September

What an amazing week! We have made new friends and learnt lots of new names, we have tried hard to share the toys and learn where to put them back where they belong and listened quietly to our end of day story. We have counted out cups for snack, practised finding, making and writing our names and how to button and zip our coats up! We put on our wellies and splashed in the big puddles and stayed safe in the shade when it was really hot! We have had a welly walk around the school field and found bugs hiding outside. Most of all we have loved reading books! We found them everywhere in our room and it was amazing to share them with our new friends. This week Elmer was our favourite story. Click here to enjoy the story at home together. 

Just look at all the fun that we have had!

Recp N1.pngRecep 5.png

We have also started our Reception Baseline Assessment this week. You can click here to find our more about this. 

Please remember to send your child to school with a:

  • named water bottle
  • a warm coat on cold, wet or frosty days
  • a sun hat and sun cream in a named bottle on hot, sunny days

Please also send in a full set of spare clothes and a pair of wellington boots (named) to leave in school if possible.

Wednesday 6th September

We are so excited to take you on a tour of our new Reception classroom! We hope that you will enjoy talking with your child about all the fun they had in all our exciting areas of leearning!

C A W.png


 Meet the Colour Monsters! 










                                                               Each day we vote for our end of the day story! 


Meet our Learning Power Buddies! This week we have enjoyed our learning just like Woody and Jessie!


We loved learning about our world, finding out where all our classroom friends have visited on their hoildays and even where they have lived before moving to Sandbach! We filled 5 frames with conkers, leaves and flowers, wrote letters, made cards for our new friends and made lots of amazing models in the creative station!



And we just loved transporting and exploring with the loose parts! We made pictures with conkers, shells, bottle tops, beads, buttons and so much more!



In the home area, we talked about familes and we all helped to look after Polly-Anna as she was nervous about starting school too!


One of our favourite areas was the construction area! We just love the dolls house and all the woodland animals.

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