This week in the classroom

Friday 14th June

Reception have  been enjoying our new seaside theme. We have been making zigzag books, recreating our class story "Somebody Swallowed Stanley' . The children have been so excited to be authors.

In maths, we've been revisting the numbers 6 and 7. Looking at how they are made of 5 and a bit and getting used to spotting them without counting (subitising) to really consolidate our understanding.
We have been learning about recycling, to help us understand how a plastic bag might end up in the sea. We are worried about the marine animals and keen to help to stop them being at risk. We've looked at non- fiction books and also the lovely story Michael Recycle. We were especially excited by a book that shows us how to make craft projects out of recycled materials. We want to make sharks and octopus from the examples that have been shown, please send in any cardboard rolls that you have spare.
We've also been learning about floating and sinking. We undertook an experiment to see which types of boat could hold the most maths cubes. We compared paper, metal and wood. We will be doing our own experiments are part of our waterplay over the coming weeks.
In PHSE, we have been learning about winning and losing to help us to be ready for sports day. We are really looking forward to joining in, taking part and cheering each other on.

Friday 7th June

Reception have made a great start back into school after half term. Our new theme is Oceans Around the World. You may have noticed the beach and marine life tough spots in our outdoor area.
Our writing at the start of this half term wraps around the book Somebody Swallowed Stanley, which tells the tale of a plastic bag that gets mistaken for a jellyfish and eaten by sealife. This week we have been writing fact cards on different sealife from gulls to turtles. The children's knowledge of marine biology is amazing.
We've been busy painting marine life, making turtles from playdough and we especially loved cutting out tentacles for our big, pink squid. We have compared how land and sea animals moved and acted out the differences. We also learnt all about the seaside as some of us have never visited. We didn't like the look of pebbly beaches too much but all thought that fish and chips and ice cream were great. We have been busy playing ice cream parlours and charging each other for different flavours.
In maths, we've bene recapping our understanding of the number six. We've looked at the different patterns it makes to help us to subitise, this has also helped us to practice our understanding of doubles and even numbers.
It's been a busy week and we have lots of seaside fun to come. 

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