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Miss Harvey

Welcome to Year 1 and 2


Hello and welcome to our Sandbach Primary Academy Year 1 and 2 class page. Miss Harvey is the Year 1 and 2 class teacher. This Spring term, we will be supported by Miss Shields (all day) and Miss Wakefield (during the afternoons). Miss Holdbrook will also be supporting Year 1 phonics in the morning.  


Spring Term


This Spring Term in Maths we will be doing Number Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. Year 2 will also be exploring Multiplication and Fractions in Spring 2.

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This term our theme in English and reading is poetry! We will be working on the books: The Enormous Turnip, Poems to Perform, The Dragon with a Big Nose, Dog in the Playground and Everybody's Got a Gift. These amazing books will help us to write a retell narrative and our own poems.



This Spring term in Science, we will be looking at the use of everyday materials, building on from last half term's learning. By the end of this unit the children will be able to list a variety of materials and describe the properties of each. We will also explore how some solid objects can change shape by stretching, twisting, bending and squashing. As well as this, we will work scientifically to name properties that make materials suitable for their use. 



In History, we will be exploring what London was like in 1666 when the Great Fire of London happened and the importance of Samuel Pepys. We will investigate why the fire lasted for four days and what problems occured during this Tudor-time disaster. This links to our Autumn History learning when we looked at the characteristics of Tudor buildings. 


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In Geography, we will be locating and describing the four countries of the United Kingdom, including their capital cities and surrounding seas. This will also include recognising flags, festivals, human characteristics and physical characteristics. To support this learning, we will be using maps, atlases and compass points. england-scotland-wales-flags.png

We will also be learning how to make hand puppets in Art within our textile unit, focusing on how to join fabrics using different techniques and use different finishing/decorative techniques. The children will plan, design, create and evaluate their creations. 

In Computing, Year 1 and 2 will enjoy developing their computing skills in relation to creating digital art and photography. We will also discuss how to be safe on our computers and the importance of this.

In RE, our big question is; How did the world begin? We will be learning about different creation stories from Hindu, Christian and Jewish beliefs. We will then compare the similarities and differences between these religions.

The children will also have 2 PE lessons a week, one with the sports coach on Monday and the second with Miss Harvey on Friday. During this time, we will a go at multiskills and net and wall games. These lessons will help the children to develop simple tactics for attacking and defending within team games that require throwing and catching. 


General Information to know about Year 1 and 2:


  • Please ensure that items of clothing are clearly named. This will ensure that if anything goes missing, it can be quickly reunited with its owner.
  • PE will be every Monday and Friday so please ensure children come to school in their PE kits on these days.
  • Homework will be sent out on a Friday and is due back the following Thursday. Their homework will contain 5 spellings which they can practice throughout the week, before having a spellings quiz on Friday. 
  • Please ensure your child has suitable footwear in school (wellies or old trainers) as we go outside and get muddy a lot.
  • Children need to bring their own water bottles into school which they can access throughout the day and they will change their water regularly. Please do not allow other drinks such as juice, fizzy drinks etc. If children bring juices, smoothies etc. they should be kept only for lunch. 
  • Children will need to bring their snack money in a purse/wallet that they will hand to one of the adults in the classroom and kept safe in our snack box. Children without a purse or wallet will be given a named cup to keep their money in which will be kept at school. 
  • Please read with your child at home as often as possible, we celebrate children who have read 4 times a week at home - or more! This is a great time to bond with your child and create a love for books and reading.
  • We encourage all children to bring in their own refillable water bottles from home which they can access and refill throughout the day - please only fill these bottles with water.
  • All children will receive free snack each day. This will consist of fresh fruit. In addition, children can purchase school hot snack which is priced at 20p - 30p per day. Please click here for more information relating to our healthy snack policy. Money can be sent into school termly, weekly or daily however it is easier to send this in termly or weekly and we will inform you when your child's balance becomes low. A gluten free option is available. 

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  • Your child will come home on a Monday with a 'Reading for Pleasure' book to share together at home. This is book for you to read and share with your child at those special times. They choose books from our classroom or school library which interests or excites them. We hope you enjoy this special time together.
  • They will also bring home a decodable reading book (Big Cat or Little Wandle). This book will match the graphemes and tricky words that we have learnt in group reading and phonics and as the term progresses, these books will increase in difficulty. 
  • All books are signed out to children under a library system and they will be expected to return their current book before they are allowed to take another. 


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